No Military! Stand with Myanmar! Respect the Citizens!


All of Asia's mass organizations are in solidarity with the people of Myanmar.
• End the military coup immediately and hand over power to the civilian government!
• Democracy in Myanmar is the choice of Myanmar citizens!
• We are in solidarity with the people of Myanmar's protest for democracy!


How to Join Now 👇

Stop the coup immediately! Please take a picture. 📸
• Use your handwriting to write the phrase you want.
• You can download the picket image here and upload it on your phone, or print it out and take a picture.
• Please express your support for the citizens of Myanmar who want democracy and share your thoughts.

If you've taken a picture, Post a proof shot here.

1. Click on the picket button, take a proof shot / Name (or Nickname) / Email (Select) / Leave a word
2. It's difficult to modify once you upload it, so please check the details before registering.
3. Please upload the photo on your social media with the #SaveMyanmar hashtag and address.
We will gather the voices of solidarity among Korean citizens and deliver them to the media and Myanmar citizens.

Solidarity for Asian Mass Organizations in Joint Action

Myanmar(Urban Poor Net) Thailand(Four Regions Slum Net) Cambodia(Urban Poor for Housing Rights Federation) Indonesia(Urban Poor Network of Jakarta) Philippines(Urban Poor Association, Community Organizers Multiversity) Korea(Korean Solidarity for Overseas Community Organization)